Saturday, October 01, 2011

Democratic Supper

As you know, this is an election year for statewide office in Kentucky this year.

Two of my family members and I attended the Democratic supper at the Community Center in Manchester last night. After a spaghetti supper, we got to hear statewide candidate Bob Farmer who is running for Richie Farmer's old job as Commissioner of Agriculture. Bob related how he also does comedy--in a routine similar to that of Jerry Clower. You remember Jerry Clower--he used to be a fertilizer salesman before he went into comedy. Some people find the Jerry Clower brand of comedy to be offensive, but I always enjoyed hearing Jerry Clower talking about the people he would meet in Mississippi. Hawwh! That's pretty good stuff. I guess politics and comedy don't mix.

At least not with some folks.

Anyway, the Democratic Party in Clay County is alive and well, and is nobody's doormat. Hopefully the Democratic Party in Clay County will come out swinging in the upcoming elections.

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